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Fives designs and supply process equipment, process lines, services, and solutions tailored to answer the needs of the sugar and bioenergy industries.

The Group and its Sugar | Bioenergy dedicated teams - 250 people at offices located in France, Brazil, Mexico, the U.K. and India, offering solutions aimed at maximizing the co-generation of electricity, sugar recovery, and the industrial efficiency of customer’s plant with minimal environmental foot print.

With a strong legacy based on Cail and Fletcher brands and more than 200 years of expertise developing pioneering solutions in close partnership with customers, Fives is recognized as the leading provider of sugar and bioenergy equipment which are at the core of customers’ performance.

Fully automated, flexible and with an optimized energy consumption, Cail and Fletcher equipment is designed to meet the sustainable development challenges and be ready for the plants of the future. From audit, design, and equipment supply, installation, commissioning, process optimization, and revamping, Fives’ offer covers the whole life cycle of an equipment line. 

With proven technologies, installations all around the world, and the capacity to listen, understand, and adapt to customers’ requirements, Fives offer to its’ customer incorporates designs to optimize performance and covers the largest range of equipment sizes of the market.

5 companies aiming at optimizing the performance of the equipment worldwide

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FRANCE, Fives Cail

Founded in 1812, Fives Cail is the oldest company in the Fives Group. Based in Villeneuve d'Ascq, it is the pioneer in major innovations that have revolutionized the sugar industry as the self-aligning mills, the continuous vacuum pan, the multitubes dryer cooler, the in line shredder and the MillMax®. Today, Fives Cail continues to develop breakthrough solutions with its research and development department and thanks to the excellent performances of its equipment installed.

The UNITED KINGDOM, Fives Fletcher

Born in 1838, Fives Fletcher combines the history and know-how of various famous companies: George Fletcher, Duncan Stewart, A.W. Smith, Mirrlees Watson. A strong brand in the sugar | Bioenergy market, the company designed the world renowned Fletcher heavy duty 4-roller mill with sales of more than 500 units in the last 65 years. The company also developed and commercialized the vertical tube continuous pan worldwide.

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BRAZIL, Fives Lille do Brasil

Revived in 2002, Fives Lille do Brasil is the South American company of the Sugar | Bioenergy activities. Located in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, it is specialized in sugar cane factory. The company has also designed and commissioned large equipment such as continuous vacuum pans (350m3), shredders and MillMax® (2600 mm).

INDIA, Fives Cail–KCP

Born in 1997 from the association of Fives Cail  with the KCP Indian group, leader in the manufacture of equipment for the heavy industry, the production of sugar and cement in India , Fives Cail-KCP is an engineering company based in Chennai. It provides equipment and complete technological lines worldwide. Fives Cail-KCP benefits from all the innovative technologies developed by Fives Cail.

MEXICO, Fives Cail Fletcher Mexico

Based in Mexico City, Fives Cail Fletcher Mexico is a subsidiary of Fives Cail in charge of marketing Fives technical solutions in Latin America.
Fives Cail Fletcher Mexico has achieved many successes in installation of continuous vacuum pans, probes, in line shredders and in providing specialist services to its customers.