Cail & Fletcher heavy duty in-line shredder

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Sugar BioEnergy in line Shredder 6-FIVES Fives Sugar-Bioenergy

The heavy duty in-line shredder prepares cane before sugar extraction, to maximize plant performance. 

All in one

The heavy duty in-line shredder does not require cane knives to pre-prepare the cane. Maintenance costs and down-time are drastically reduced compared to conventional technology. Absorbed power is approximately 25% less than with conventional technology.


The heavy duty in-line shredder allows for the existing carrier to be used when upgrading. Mills are protected from rocks and metal. Mill roll wear is significantly less than with knifed cane.

Maximize performance (compared to knifed cane)

Cane throughput and extraction are increased. Pol % bagasse and bagasse humidity are decreased. The heavy duty in-line shredder produces long fibres, ideal for mills and boilers. Bagacillo increase is minimal compared to knifed cane.


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