Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® batch centrifugal

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Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® series of batch centrifugals enables the centrifugal separation of high grade massecuite.
Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® is the latest generation of batch centrifugals designed by Fives incorporating cutting edge technology with resultant outstanding machine performance.

Process performance

Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® is the only batch centrifugal able to achieve 30 cycles/hour thanks to the genuine Fives double discharger.
It has the lowest power consumption per ton of centrifuged sugar thanks to the optimized inertia of the basket.

High quality and safety standards

Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® is fully compliant with the most stringent worldwide standards.
The basket stability is high and the height/diameter ratio is optimized.

Easy operation and maintenance

Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® is fully-automated and is able to communicate with any customer’s modern control system.
The refurbishment of its basket is easy.

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