Cail & Fletcher massecuite reheater

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Sugar BioEnergy massecuite reheater-FIVES Fives in Sugar | Bioenergy

Simple and efficient device for conditioning of the low grade massecuite before centrifugation. Cail & Fletcher massecuite reheater reduces the viscosity of the massecuite in order to optimize the centrifugation process and increase the centrifugals's throughput.

Optimized performance

The reheating is fast without redissolving sugar. The massecuite is reheated at optimal temperature, uniform and regular viscosity for a good centrifugation. The work done by the crystallizers is preserved, no dilution is required.

Robust and compact

The simple construction without any moving part enables a methodical flow (plug flow). Cail & Fletcher massecuite reheater is compact for high massecuite flow rates. The heat exchange is maximized thanks to S/V ratio increased.

Low maintenance

The operation is continuous, no intervention is needed.
Cail & Fletcher massecuite reheater can be manufactured in stainless steel.

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