Cail & Fletcher vertical crystallizer

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Sugar BioEnergy vertical crystalliser-FIVES Fives in Sugar | Bioenergy

In the modern sugar industry, it is essential to maximize sugar recovery. Cail & Fletcher vertical cooling crystallizer maximizes the exhaustion of molasses, reducing its purity by cooling the massecuite.

Optimized pay back

The purity drop achieved in molasses is between 5 and 10 points.
The exhaustion is maximized by a combined control of massecuite viscosity and cooling temperature.
The electricity consumption is lowered (0.03 to 0.05 kWh/tc).
A low temperature difference is kept between massecuite and water (10°C).

Low maintenance

The cooling tubes are fixed and welded outside Cail & Fletcher vertical crystallizer (preventing possible leak in the massecuite).
The massecuite cools down to  40°C in one single unit (with one single drive system).
A planetary gear drive is fitted to Cail & Fletcher vertical crystallizer.
The system is cleaned with no hydraulics.


It is a vertical system with small foot print.
There is no cascade cooling (one single unit), compared to horizontal crystallizers.
The heat exchange coefficient is high and S/V optimized for each project.

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