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Customer support

Thanks to Fives' unrivaled bicentennial experience in the sugar and the cogeneration industries, Fives Sugar Consulting proposes tailor-made approaches to its customers in various fields with the aim to support customers' projects, to improve the manufacturing process and to help profit growth. 

Feasibility studies/Audits

For green field projects, or improvements in existing plants Fives offers:

  • Project feasibility studies considering economical, environmental, legal, and technical aspects
  • Analysis of several projects and investment scenarios, with ROI comparisons
  • Technical benchmark
  • Energy saving studies 

Value monitoring

Thanks to its powerful simulation toolbox CAMEIOTM, Fives Sugar Consulting can support its customers during operation and helps them increase revenue with zero investment, by settings optimization, fine tuning and troubleshooting. 


  • Audit and/or technical benchmark of industrial plants
  • Mechanical audits and diagnostics
  • Improvement of time efficiency 
  • Technical assistance for installation, erection, commissioning and operations of process equipment  


Thanks to its skilled experts and its manufacturing facility, Fives Sugar Consulting offers a large range of training programs dedicated to the stakeholders of the sugar industry. The training sessions are customized in order to perfectly fit the customer’s requirements, mixing academic and practical training (with CAMEIOTM) at customer site and/or Fives' assembly workshop.

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