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Sugar BioEnergy Innovation 6-FIVES

A tradition for pioneering solutions

Fives has beenone of the world leaders in breakthrough innovations  for decades with the development of equipment such as self-aligning mill, continuous vacuum pans, multitube dryer-cooler, MillMax® and ZUKA® batch centrifugals.

High energy savings thanks to Fives' technologies have resulted in significant operation costs reduction, whilst the quality of products has been improved.

Fives R&D challenges

Considering sugar industry growing economical and environmental stakes, Fives continuously develops forward-looking technologies.
Fives goal is to offer its customers improving mechanical designs and smart automated solutions for an optimized control of the sugar factory and maximized incomes.

Sustainable partnership for ultimate technologies

For the past few years, Fives has been developing sustainable partnerships with universities, key laboratories and research institutes.
Fives has also been working in close collaboration with its customers to improve its technologies and to provide them constantly improving services.

Enhancing participative innovation

Part of Fives DNA, innovation has helped to continually develop new and better ways to design and deliver products and services.