Cail & Fletcher MillMax®

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Sugar bioenergy MilMax 5-FIVES

Cail & Fletcher MillMax® extracts cane juice and ensures a low moisture of the bagasse before its combustion into the boiler.
It can be installed as a direct mill replacement or as a complete milling tandem.

Low energy consumption

Provided with only 2 pressure rollers, and no trash plate, Cail & Fletcher MillMax® is ideal for cogeneration.

Reduced Maintenance

25% of maintenance time is saved thanks to the suppression of one roll and of the trash plate.

Limited reabsorption

Thanks to its patented system CAP®, juice reabsorption at the Cail & Fletcher MillMax® outlet is limited: bagasse moisture at the outlet of the latest Cail & Fletcher MillMax® is below 50% with optimized extraction of juice.

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