Cail continuous vacuum pan

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Sugar BioEnergy continuous vacuum pan-FIVES

In Cail continuous vacuum pan, the sugar crystal grows continuously under constant flow compared to conventional  batch pans technology.
Cail  continuous vacuum pan, with horizontal tubes, becomes year after year the reference in crystallisation in cane or beet, and for new or rehabilitation projects.
It is a key equipment for cogeneration.


Cail continuous vacuum pan is ideal for crystallization of any kind of strike.
It is available in a wide range of volumes, with single or double partition.
Its capacity is expandable by addition of tubes.

Proven technology

Cail continuous vacuum pan allows a reduction of steam consumption. It provides an excellent heat exchange coefficient and a low level of steam pressure.
It is a key element for process efficiency and thermal stability of the sugar plant.

Easy operation

Cail continuous vacuum pan is easy to install, to operate and to control thanks to a predictive-type system by mass balance.

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