Cail & Fletcher cogeneration boiler

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Sugar BioEnergy High Pressure Boiler-FIVES

The boiler is the heart of the energy production of the sugar factory. Cail & Fletcher cogeneration  boiler is a high efficiency boiler which produces very high pressure and high temperature steam from the combustion of biomass such as bagasse and/or coal.

Ideal for cogeneration

Cail & Fletcher cogeneration  boiler includes state of the art technology and the most advanced design characteristics for reliable and efficient steam production. Cail & Fletcher cogeneration  boiler is a must-be for any sugar plant manager looking for a significant increase of its revenue.

High pressure and throughput

The pressure of Cail & Fletcher cogeneration boiler single drum is high, ensuring ligament efficiency. The residence time of the flue gas is longer thanks to the high furnace.

Robust design and easy maintenance

Cail & Fletcher cogeneration boiler design is simple, easy to erect and to operate (no tube expansion with drum). External gas flow prevents the preheater tubes from internally fouling, and all tubes are cleaned externally with soot blowers. The catenary type travelling grate is equipped with self-lubricated and interchangeable graphite bearings, making maintenance easy.

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