Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac HT03 probe

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Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac HT03 is a microwave probe to measure large volume, and provide a direct reading of both and  temperature. It brings a range of functionalities more extensive than the Cail & Fletcher Monotrac probe.

Ultimate performance for any type of application

Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac HT03 probe can be used on all types of massecuite purities and Brix over 50, such as A massecuite and refined sugar massecuite.

Constantly improved thanks to customer's feeddback, the Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac HT03 is Fives'3rd generation of probes; it includes at lastest electronics and software design enhancements. A single sensor electronics is included, reducing maintenance. 

Reliable measurements

Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac probe's long shape provides a stable, reliable and excellent repetitive signal, requiring no recalibration during the campaign. It is insensitive to the variation in purity. Further, it has a low sensitivity to scaling and fouling which allows high-precision measurements.

Easy to operate

Supplied with a dedicated calibration software, Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac HT03 probe is easy to install, to calibrate and to operate. Its robust construction minimizes damage in operation.

Several options are available like the local display and calibration.

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