Cail & Fletcher Continuous Vacuum Pans: new training session in Brazil

Seminaire FLB Juillet 2016 WEB-FIVES

The Cail & Fletcher CVP installed worldwide are more than 500, among which nearly 60 in Brazil. On July 20, Fives organized another training session hosted by Fives Lille Do Brasil, in order to help customers optimize the performance of those key elements of the process. This third edition of the Cail & Fletcher CVP dedicated training was also an opportunity to introduce Fives Sugar Consulting -new means to optimize cash and SMART Control on-line support which can be connected with Cail & Fletcher CVP.

More than 100 sugar operators attended this 1-day training, as the Cail & Fletcher Continuous Vacuum Pans have a good reputation in terms of reliability, safety for operators and technological benefits. Some of the key players of the sugar industry were present: Raizen, BP, Guarani, Coruripe, São Martinho, Caeté, Cerradinho, Cofco, Zilor, Santa Adelia, Rio Pardo and Zambianco.

As customers were very enthusiastic about this training session, other sessions are planned to be set up on Cail & Fletcher in line shredder and centrifugals.

Sugar | Bioenergy teams will be present at Fenasucro trade show (stand BC88) in Brazil to promote its offer and organize demonstration of the SMART Control technology.