Fives added value to keep key sugar equipment at their best level of operation

Maintenance Essoreuses 20032015-FIVES

In 2014, major groups in Brazil -BP, Raizen and Bunge, trusted Fives again to maintain their centrifugals during the inter campaign.
As a designer and a manufacturer of ultimate equipment and process lines of equipment for the sugar industry, Fives offers a large range of services.

From survey to overhaul works (i.e. non destructive tests, balancing of a basket, to a complete turnkey package), on-site removal, transportation, maintenance at the service center in Sertãozinho, transportation back to the mill, on-site reinstallation and commissioning of Cail & Fletcher centrifugals (continuous and batches), in-line shredders and probes, Fives aims at offering a wide range of services to secure its customers’ profit.

Fives is compliant with the most stringent standards and original design of the OEM, while maintaining the high performance of the equipment.

With the crop starting again in the coming days in the South of Brazil, Fives Lille do Brasil’s teams are finalizing the last reinstallation in the fields. 

During the crop, Fives also supports the customer and follow the start of crushing with specific services of technical assistance for Cail Continuous Vacuum Pans, in-line shredders and centrifugals. 

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