Successful commissioning of Cail Continuous Vacuum Pan at Gardel sugar plant, France

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Fives has recently commissioned a Cail Continuous Vacuum Pan CCTW type of 66m3 installed on ‘C’ strike at Gardel sugar plant and distillery, in Guadeloupe, France. This major investment is in line with the objectives of energy savings and equipment revamping of the customer for this plant.

Gardel selected Fives’ technology and Cail Continuous Vacuum Pan which offers the best balance between heat exchange coefficient and extended production cycles. Moreover this equipment allows for an easy installation, reliable as well as flexible operations, leading to a speedy acceptance of the new technology into factory operation.

Fives has provided Gardel with optimization studies for its evaporator and crystallization stations, as well as several Cail & Fletcher types of equipment from 2012- one falling film evaporator, three barometric condensers, one massecuite reheater, one Continuous Vacuum Pan, several Hydrotrac probes and SUMO pumps.

Thanks to Cail & Fletcher equipment installed on its plant, Gardel is the first company in Guadeloupe and the first sugar plant in France which was awarded the ISO 50001 certification granted by ‘AFNOR’ institution for its energy saving management policy.

This project for energy consumption saving has been successful thanks to Fives’ equipment which has allowed the sugar plant to save 30,000 tons of saturated steam per year from 2014, which represents the equivalent electrical consumption of 500 to 600 households.