Cail & Fletcher RT diffuser

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Sugar BioEnergy RTdiffuser-FIVES

Cail & Fletcher diffuser is a rotating drum which extracts the juice from the sliced cossettes by osmosis. Every load of sliced beets entering the diffuser moves under control all along the tube to the exit. The juice moves in counter-current of the cossettes. Fives is the world leader in the RT diffusion.

Easy operation

The large flexibility of the diffuser’s capacity allows instant great variations of flow rate.
Cail & Fletcher diffuser can deal with any quality of beet, particularly deteriorated ones.


Cail & Fletcher RT diffuser operates between 70 and 150% of its nominal capacity. In fact, capacities can be upgraded on diffusers already installed.

Proven technology

The residence time of sliced beets is perfectly controlled unrelated to the flow rate, by adjusting the load of compartment and the speed of revolution.
Cail & Fletcher diffuser has low sensibility to bacteriological contamination.
The good balancing of the drum is achieved by the helical staggering of the compartments and also due to improved drainage and juice conveying.

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