New order to supply 4 falling film evaporators in Kenya

Evapos Kakamega WEB-FIVES

Rai Group recently awarded Fives and its Sugar | Bioenergy teams with a new contract to supply 4 Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporators for the sugar factory located outside of Kakamega, in Kenya. The objective of the customer is to expand its production capacity and plant performance.

This West Kenya Sugar Factory expansion project is a global one including Sugar | Bioenergy teams in France and in India; its scope covers:

  • Design of 4 Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporators of 4,600sqm heating surface area (Fives Cail, France)
  • Process equipment items and fabrication of the falling film evaporator vessels (Fives Cail-KCP, India) 
  • Site erection services (Fives Cail-KCP, India)
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning services for the evaporator station (Fives Cail, France)

The overall project completion is expected during the last quarter of 2017.

This new contract follows another joint project between the French and Indian teams to design and supply a complete falling film evaporator station for a Rai Group factory at Ndhiwa, in Kenya. 

It is another example of Fives’ capability to lean on its global network to find the most appropriate solution and meet customer’s expectations and needs.