Dan Chang sugar factory, Thailand: Successful commissioning of Cail & Fletcher processing equipment

News Dan Chang-FIVES

After a successful first phase to supply process equipment to Mitr Phol Dan Chang sugar factory in 2010, Fives was awarded a new contract in April 2014 to expand its equipment and increase one of the production lines from 14,000tcd (tons of cane per day) to 20,000tcd.

The final objective of the customer is to expand the capacity of its plant to deal with 50,000tcd.

The scope of the project awarded in 2014 comprises the design and supply of 

  • a second Fletcher Continuous Vacuum Pan on A duty,
  • expansions of the existing 2 Fletcher Continuous Vacuum Pans on B and C duty,
  • an additional 3rd Cail & Fletcher vertical crystallizer, 
  • an additional 3rd Cail & Fletcher massecuite reheater,

as well as modifications and upgrades to the control system.

Mitr Phol group is a major player in the South-East Asia region with a large portfolio of products. A long-established customer of Fives in Thailand Mitr Phol has 6 factories with various expansion and process optimization projects going on. 

Fives Cail successfully completed the first and second phases of commissioning in December 2014, allowing the customer to reach its targets. 

This success lead to the award of a new larger contract from the same group at MPK, a sister factory in Thailand, for similar process equipment. 
This 16,000tcd project was won against strong competition on the basis of a high bidding score of the equipment design and performance. The new contract is forecasted to be commissioned in early December 2015.