Fives improves SOMDIAA performance thanks to its Multidrive technology


Fives recently completed successfully the mills refurbishment at Banda sugar factory, owned by SOMDIAA, in Chad. The solution offered by Sugar | Bioenergy teams aimed to replace a conventional mill drive system by a Multidrive package (2 mills), in order to enhance factory performance.

The turnkey solution, innovative and easy to implement, in addition to the technological expertise, its numerous references, a perfect knowledge of the plant, its constraints, and operation requirements convinced SOMDIAA to work with Fives.

This project includes the refurbishment of Cail & Fletcher mills installed in 1976, the Multidrive, an innovative system of independent drives for each mill roller, and the supply of tailor-made tools and consumables.

This project has been performed with a strong collaboration of customer workforce, from engineering to installation and Fives’ onsite technical assistance.

Thanks to this refurbishment, SOMDIAA can:
Optimize maintenance costs

  • Decrease in mechanical damage thanks to a greater flexibility of mechanical drive, a better mill operation, and an extended lifetime of mechanical parts
  • Cut in maintenance costs thanks to a simplified assembly and common mechanical and electrical spare parts

Enhance factory performance

  • Increase in cane flow and extraction rate thanks to bigger rollers and roller torque monitoring
  • Elimination of misalignment issues, thanks to geared transmission and self-aligning