New order for Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® centrifugal for Tereos


After a first order for an "all stainless steel" Cail & Fletcher ZUKA® centrifugal, Tereos renewed its trust in Fives for the supply of 5 more of them for its plant in Escaudœuvres.

Based on increasing demands of the food industry, the customer asked Fives to design an "all stainless steel" Cail & Fletcher (model I3), to complement the existing battery of centrifugals from a competing brand on the Chevrières site (12,000 tons of beet per day).

Successfully commissioned in late 2016, this first centrifugal is made entirely of stainless steel parts, including those parts which are not in contact with the sugar.

Satisfied with this centrifugal with exceptional technology identical to the standard ZUKA® Cail & Fletcher, the customer recently placed a new order with Fives for a set of 5 "all stainless" ZUKA® centrifugals for its Escaudoeuvres site (16,000 tonnes of beet per day).

The final assembly of these 5 centrifugals is scheduled for June 2017, and commissioning in September 2017. This order demonstrates Fives' ability to adapt to customer’s needs and enables the Sugar | Bioenergy teams to expand their range of batch centrifugals.