Sugar factory general training- Fives shares its expertise with its customers

Sugar Bioenergy Formation Juin 2015-FIVES

Based on its bicentennial expertise, Fives Cail has organized every year since 2001 a 3-day training session to introduce all markets and sugar technologies’ aspects to its teams and provide them with a solid base of knowledge. Initially designed for newcomers of various departments, this general training consists of 2 theoretical days and 1 practical one. Since it was launched in 2001, more than 200 people benefited from it.

While the 9th edition of this training was held last June for Sugar | Bioenergy teams, it was also provided for the first time to Mitr Phol team, a Thai customer, from May 18 to 20. Presented by Fives Sugar Consulting team, this first session was attended by 30 people.

A unique approach based on Fives’ expertise of the complete process, Fives Sugar Consulting consists of a dedicated team of consultants specialized in sugar and bioenergy who offer CAMEIOTM Plant Manager solution, a complete set of tools and support to optimize sugar plant operations- feasibility study, value monitoring, energy savings study, expertise and training.